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Myanmar business investment KWR report

KWR International Releases Updated Second Edition of its Business and Investment Opportunities in the "New" Myanmar Report


YANGON - APRIL 18, 2013 - To help corporate and portfolio investors evaluate the many promising business and investment opportunities now emerging in Myanmar and to keep them informed of rapidly unfolding developments in this untapped Southeast Asian market of 55+ million people -- KWR International, Inc. (KWR) is pleased to release a new second edition of its "Business and Investment Opportunities in the 'New' Myanmar" report. It is being offered for sale at KWR's Myanmar Business Development website, as an ebook, and through the Myanmar Book Centre.

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myanrabinpic KWR's updated 100+-page report is approximately double the size of the first edition released last April. It includes updates and more comprehensive information as well additional sections covering key issues such as Myanmar's electrification needs. KWR's report highlights the significant transformation now taking place in Myanmar; a formerly isolated resource-rich nation, which possesses significant natural gas and oil reserves, 80% of the world's teak supply, precious gemstones, minerals and substantial land for agriculture. Its large population and favorable demographics also provide the labor force necessary to develop a proficient manufacturing sector and a sizeable market for consumer and industrial products. Furthermore, its temples, pagodas, and colonial buildings combined with its vast natural beauty heightens its attractiveness as a tourist destination. Additionally, Myanmar's geographic location makes it ideal for commerce with China, India and other parts of Southeast Asia, with coastal access providing an opportunity to become a central shipping country and a major actor in international and regional trade.

WR's report highlights Myanmar's increasing attractiveness as a business and investment destination, through a review of its history, regional importance and recent political and economic developments as well as its foreign relations and the sanctions that have constrained trade and investment in recent decades. The report then outlines the potential for near term growth through export industries including mining and minerals; agriculture and agribusiness; forestry and timber; fisheries and aquaculture and manufacturing. Attention is also devoted to Myanmar's domestic economy and how it will benefit from reform and rising living standards. This includes a look at tourism, technology and telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, electricity, retail, real estate and infrastructure development.

myanbookshelfTo provide a nuanced understanding that balances recognition of Myanmar's underlying attractiveness with the difficulties the nation must address to sustain movement toward a more stable, open and competitive market economy, the KWR report also examines a number of potential concerns and difficulties. These include the need to resolve conflicts with ethnic minorities, to release political prisoners, overcome sanctions, and sustain continuing movement toward a more democratic form of government.

Attention is also devoted to the need to build adequate institutions and a legal system that can continue to move the nation forward and process the change now underway. Before concluding, KWR examines a number of regional catalysts that promise to reinforce and provide additional depth and momentum to Myanmar's reform efforts. These include Myanmar's hosting of the Southeast Asia (SEA) Games in 2013, its chairmanship of the 2014 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit, and movement toward a region-wide ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. The AEC will give rise to expanded trade and investment in a region that collectively possesses approximately 580 million people and a region-wide GDP of about US$1.5 trillion.

To obtain a free Executive Summary and Table of Contents of KWR's "Business and Investment Opportunities in the 'New' Myanmar" report, click here.

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Acclaim for Business and Investment Opportunities in the 'New' Myanmar

"This book is an excellent overview of Myanmar's economic development. As KWR International notes, 'Myanmar's underdevelopment can be traced to its isolation from much of the world, rather than its lack of potential.' Now, however, President Thein Sein's administration has passed the reforms that are necessary to unleash rapid economic development. At the same time, transportation links are being established between Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar, which will provide the entire region and its companies with an enormous economic potential." - Marc Faber, Chairman of Marc Faber Limited and Publisher of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report

"Myanmar, a country with a population of over 55 million and abundant resources, is in the midst of an amazing transformation. While it is still an enigma to most outside observers, KWR International has been able to present a succinct overview of the evolving political and economic setting while highlighting the sectors with the most near term development potential. This is a valuable reference tool for anyone who needs to get quickly up to speed on emerging trends in this new market." - Arthur M. Mitchell, Senior Counselor, White & Case Tokyo, former General Counsel, Asian Development Bank (2003-2007)

myan4"For anyone looking for a new frontier in investment, Myanmar has to be considered and KWR International's book provides a highly insightful primer. Under the guidance of long-time Myanmar observer Keith Rabin, KWR International covers essential information on the political and economic developments in this Southeast Asian frontier economy. This is a must read for emerging market frontier investors and businesses in the early 21st century." - Dr. Scott B. MacDonald, co-author of Asia's Rise in the 21st Century, former Sovereign Analyst, Donaldson, Lufkin, Jenrette and Credit Suisse First Boston

"Myanmar's potential to become the next "Asian Tiger" economy is undeniable. The frenzy of interest from our members is no better endorsed than through President Obama's immediate visit following his reelection. Myanmar's location, coupled with it's youthful population, provides an excellent platform for the country to capitalize on its vast endowment of natural resources. KWR International's report clearly highlights this potential with its in-depth analysis of Myanmar's government, economy and opportunities in key industries. A must-read for anyone looking to gain valuable insight into this exciting frontier market." - Josie Tulipano, Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore "Although it is attracting significant international attention, 'Myanmar remains an enigma,' as this KWR International report indicates. The book highlights the most important milestones in Myanmar's recent development and pinpoints potential business and investment opportunities in nearly all sectors. It should help to promote greater understanding of this fast-changing nation and is well suited, not only for the busy executive, but also for those seeking a reliable reference." - U Myoe Myint, Senior Analyst, ITOCHU International Inc.

myan3"KWR International's latest report on the "New Myanmar" is a must read for anyone looking to participate in the fast emerging opportunities in Myanmar today. Myanmar maybe the last frontier country to enter the global market and to become a full fledged trading and investment destination intimately linked to South East Asia, the fastest growing region in the world. Having a population of 55 million with significant natural and human resources, Myanmar is now positioned to more fully participate in the global and regional economies. Similar in ways to other fast growing South East Asian economies, Myanmar should attract significant investment across the board. Though there are many challenges, there are many opportunities especially for businesses with skill entering new markets. I expect to see considerable investment from Vietnam and other countries in the region." - Bradley C. Lalonde, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Vietnam Partners LLC.; CEO, Citibank Vietnam (1994-1999) and co-founder AMCHAM Vietnam

"While Myanmar continues to move ahead with transforming its politics and open up its borders for foreign companies, the opportunities for investors are impressive. At the same time, much reform remains to be done before the country can meet its promise of becoming a prime destination for business in Asia. In this new publication, KWR International provides readers with a useful overview of where Myanmar sits today and the challenges lying ahead, hence enabling newcomers to assess the potential risks and rewards in one of the region's last untapped frontiers." - James Van Zorge, Senior Fellow, Global Business Policy Council, A.T. Kearney

"KWR International's Myanmar Briefing is a treasure trove of information and intelligence on this large but little-known Southeast Asian country. Myanmar's importance is obvious just looking at the map, situated between India and China, with a landmass larger than France. But facts on its economy are not easily come by, which makes the Myanmar Briefing all the more impressive as it is replete with them. There are individual entries on each of the main sectors of the economy, including which companies are involved or will be in them. There is also much discussion on politics, and the report does not gloss over or sugar-coat difficult issues such as ethnic problems and the weak regulatory system, which are areas any potential investor should be aware of." - Mark S. Matthews, Head of Research Asia, Bank Julius Baer

myan5 "Given the recent rapprochement by the US and Japan towards Myanmar, this up and coming nation has become the focus for strategic presence in South East Asia as a counterbalance to China. KWR International's well researched study is required reading for anyone or any firm that wishes not to miss this unique opportunity." - T. W. Kang, Managing Director of Global Synergy Associates and former member of the board, NEC Electronics Corporation

"Myanmar has set an ambitious goal of graduating from the ranks of the world's least- developed nations in a manner that meets the aspirations of its people within the next decade. Their Framework for Economic and Social Reform calls for a wide range of reforms and development initiatives dealing with trade and investment, infrastructure, agricultural and telecommunications, with governance that is effective and transparent. Myanmar's Chair of ASEAN in 2014 will give them an opportunity to leverage ASEAN commitments and programs to advance their national goals while boosting regional integration and growth. In this report KWR International has given a sharply detailed, comprehensive lay of the land for any executive, investor and policy maker who wants to seriously understand, and consider positioning, their activities in what holds the potential to become a dynamic economy within one of the most economically vibrant regions of the world." - James Wallar, SVP, International, Nathan Associates; Advisor to ASEAN Secretariat; US Treasury Department Official (1972-2005)

"Understanding the complexity of Myanmar, which is now overcoming a long history of distress, is impossible within a short visit or a reading of a hastily prepared consulting report. KWR International's comprehensive analysis, prepared under the direction of Mr. Keith Rabin, who has a decades-long association with Myanmar and a large network of human connections there, is well versed in the social structure and other issues that face the country. The report also highlights both potential business and investment opportunities as well as the drivers and factors that will influence their development. It will give you reliable guidance on Myanmar in all economic aspects. - Yoshihiro Araki Chief Director, ASEAN Industries Integration, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Tokyo

To obtain a free Executive Summary and Table of Contents of KWR's "Business and Investment Opportunities in the 'New' Myanmar" report, click here.

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Myanmar Times: KWR releases investment guidebook update



KWR International has released its updated Myanmar investment guide, which is nearly twice as long as the original and is aimed at providing investors “with the information they need to develop an in-depth understanding of developments in Myanmar”.
KWR International president Keith Rabin said the guide – Business and Investment Opportunities in the “New” Myanmar – covers events until just before US President Barack Obama’s visit to Myanmar in November.
“Frankly, the situation is evolving so rapidly we thought it important to both update and give more depth to our coverage. The first edition was 57 pages long and published just before the April 2012 by-elections and the new edition is about twice the length – totalling more than 100 pages,” he told The Myanmar Times on February 20.
A new addition to the guide is a section on electricity, which Mr Rabin said was included in recognition of its importance to the country’s development.
“We also included a copy of the new Foreign Investment Law as an appendix. All of the sections, however, were updated where necessary and most were expanded, as evidenced by the fact the report is now about double the length of the first edition,” he said.
He added that writing the update took “about a month which was substantially less time than the first edition – both because the framework was in place and we are monitoring events on a daily basis for our own understanding as well as for a range of client projects – so most of the data had already been assembled”.
The lead analyst on the update was Christina Madden, Mr Rabin said.
He added that the rapid pace of Myanmar’s progress “continues to amaze”, with the people who know the country the best the most surprised by the changes.
The update also represents a change in tack from KWR regarding pricing and the intended buyers: The first edition was priced at US$395 and aimed at a “small group of large companies and institutions”. But Mr Rabin said it uncovered a much wider interest group.
“Thousands of people downloaded our executive summary and we received many inquiries from journalists, analysts, companies, investors, as well as academics who wanted to use it in their classrooms.
“These people sought to better understand the current situation in Myanmar, but could not justify the price we were charging for the full report,” he said.
Following a request from Myanmar Book Centre to cooperate in selling and marketing the update, Mr Rabin elected to drop the price significantly to $49 a copy.
“We decided this was a good opportunity to reach a larger audience, both in Myanmar and other markets, as a printed publication and ebook. While we just embarked on this strategy we have already received an inquiry about translating the report into a Japanese edition,” Mr Rabin said.
Mr Rabin added that finding accurate and specific information on Myanmar remains “very difficult”.
“Interestingly, the level of interest among potential investors and business partners is quite high – but the lack of available information makes it difficult to obtain the data needed to make decisions and to channel this enthusiasm into viable implementation strategies,” he said.
“This is a major obstacle that needs to be addressed whether this information be provided by the government or other parties.”
Mr Rabin said technical information, such as the details of specific laws and regulations, are relatively easy to track down but “underlying dynamics and attractions” were far more challenging, and the guide aimed to address this problem.
“That is where I think our report differs from many others. While we do address different laws and technical considerations, our primary emphasis is on providing a detailed understanding of the opportunities now emerging.
“By highlighting both positive and negative aspects of the transformation now underway, the reader is better able to better evaluate Myanmar’s potential, as well as the difficulties of operating in this market,” he said.
The guide is available at the Myanmar Book Centre and KWR International is also distributing the document through other outlets in the country, as well as at conferences and seminars, Mr Rabin said.
“We are also working with them to find distributors in other ASEAN and Asian markets, and are now making arrangements to offer it for sale in both hard copy and ebook form on Amazon, the Apple store and our www.myanmarbusiness site,” he said.
It was also available at the “US-Myanmar Trade and Investment Relations: The Path Forward” conference in Yangon on February 25, which Mr Rabin said was treated as the official launch.