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KWR International and MMRD Business Insight Release Joint “Business and Investment Opportunities in Myanmar’s Banking and Financial Sector” Report

Business and Investment Opportunities in Myanmar's Banking and Finance SectorYANGON – (SEPTEMBER 18, 2014) – KWR International (Asia) PTE LTD. (KWR), in partnership with MMRD Business Insight (MMRD), a division of Myanmar's largest market research firm, today announced the release of a joint report, entitled "Business and Investment Opportunities in Myanmar’s Banking and Finance Sector." The 44-page report takes an in-depth look at an increasingly dynamic sector that's projected to contribute US$11.1 billion and 400,000 jobs to Myanmar's economy by 2030.

To access details and purchase a copy of the report for $450, please click here.

In their first formal collaboration, KWR and MMRD analyzed the evolving opportunities and potential challenges of recent developments in Myanmar's banking and financial sector and the resulting implications for foreign and local financial institutions, businesses and investors.

"The sweeping reforms now underway in Myanmar—covering monetary policy, democratic institutions, banking, microfinance, trade, capital markets and more—open a host of opportunities to foreign businesses and investors," said KWR President Keith Rabin, who served as Project Director for the report. "But those changes also make Myanmar a difficult market to navigate, particularly for newcomers, who lack local contacts and up-to-date knowledge."

"We welcomed the opportunity to work with MMRD, given the firm's on-the-ground presence and its reputation for excellence and its long experience operating throughout Myanmar," said Rabin. "With a growing number of inquiries from businesses and investors with an interest in the Myanmar market, this cooperation will allow us to further expand our presence in Myanmar and reinforce our ability to meet client needs moving forward."

MMRD's Research Director Aung Min shared enthusiasm for this partnership. "KWR's experience in Myanmar spans three decades – and it also has extensive experience dealing with governments and companies of all sizes from the United States, Europe and Asia including Japan, Korea and ASEAN. This brings us a valuable perspective and ability to better understand the needs and expectations of foreign companies and investors entering the Myanmar market," said Aung Min. "This report not only looked at the technical details of each facet of the banking and financial sector, and legal and accounting standards, but also gave a thorough overview of some of the cultural challenges foreigners may encounter upon entering the Myanmar market."

Aung Min continued, "This report is the first in a series of joint KWR/MMRD efforts to promote business and investment opportunities in Myanmar's fast-growing and ever-evolving economy. We look forward to working together to provide needed information and expertise as more and more of Myanmar's untapped sectors open to foreign investors and businesses."

"Business and Investment Opportunities in Myanmar’s Banking and Finance Sector" examines Myanmar's key domestic institutions and participants, new market entrants, macroeconomic and regulatory policy, as well as opportunities in commercial and consumer banking, trade, microfinance, insurance, capital markets and a broad range of financial services.

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